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Ibaa Hanbali

Mar 8, 2022, 3:47:25 AMMar 8
to IHE Pharmacy
Hi all

I have two questions about the pharmacy community medication list profile PHARM-PML:

1- Can we filter the content using input parameters (e.g. period, prescription dispense status, approval status ...etc)?

2- shall we distribute Pharmaceuitical advices so that we place each PADV beside its related document (prescriptions , dispenses) or display all related PADVs in a separate section? (I appreciate if there is a complete PML sample xml)


SPAHNI Stéphane

Mar 10, 2022, 3:40:08 AMMar 10


1: Which queries are you referring to? There are some parameters described in CMPD profile including some dates. Prescription dispense status is taken into account in FindPrescriptionsForDispense. I would need more information on your use cases to answer more precisely.

2: What do you mean by "distribute"? The order in the PML? Nothing is specified yet regarding the order of the elements in the PML. You may therefore have implementations that will group by type (all MTPs, then all PREs, etc.) or more logically (MTP + related PADVs + PREs + related PADVs + related DISs + related PADVs) but it is implementation dependent and you should not base your implementation on such an order.

Regarding samples, the Swiss eMedication project will create a new set of CDAs (a whole scenario) based on the latest version of the profiles in the coming monthes.

Best regards,


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