Are there plans for FHIR-Documents in XDS/XCA

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John Moehrke

Aug 12, 2021, 8:52:51 AM8/12/21
to IHE XDS Implementors, IHE MHD Implementors, IHE ITI Technical Committee, Bell, Sarah
I'm doing some market research based on ITI provided capabilities...

I have been promoting a stepping stone toward the use of FHIR, that leverages XDS/XCA content agnostic nature, and use of associations.  Those that can create FHIR content, should create a FHIR-Document like the International Patient Summary (IPS) and publish it alongside the same content that is CDA Medical Summary. Best if there is an Association between them so that a Document Consumer can tell they are the same thing, simply different formats. 

This would enable existing Document Consumers to consume the old format, while more advanced Document Consumers can choose which format they want. Thus automatic discovery, and automatic optimization.

I would really like to hear back from anyone looking to do this, or actually doing this today. I worry that this is either not a well understood stepping stone, or it has some problem that I am not understanding.

I already know that the bad news about FHIR-Documents is that you likely need to publish two Document Entry; one for JSON encoding and the other for XML; with an association between them to indicate they are the same. This extra entry is not a huge overhead, but it is unfortunate.

I would also be interested in those that are just doing FHIR-Documents only, without CDA.

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