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John Moehrke

Oct 7, 2020, 10:00:26 AM10/7/20
to IHE ITI Planning Committee, IHE ITI Technical Committee,, IHE XDS Implementors, IHE MHD Implementors

This is a call for proposals: The next ITI Planning decision meeting is on October 20th. One of the agenda items is the evaluation and prioritization of the new work item proposals. We welcome any new work item proposals. 

It is undetermined how many new work items we will be able to pick up in the winter quarter. This will depend on the progression of our current workload (IUA, http publication of the Technical Framework, and HIE-Whitepaper update).  The November 9th week long virtual face-to-face is our next milestone.


New Work Item proposals can be submitted starting with a brief proposal (see attached WORD template ) for a new IHE Profile and/or White Paper to be considered for development by ITI. Submit your proposal to me

This proposal addresses the following:

  1. What is the interoperability problem?  Describe the use case, and the need for a solution. Describe why the current situation is not good.
  2. How is the situation better if the problem were fixed? How is a successful solution better?   Do NOT describe your technical solution, focus on the outcome of the better solution. 
  3. If known, What specific standards could be used to solve the problem.
  4. If possible, give some indication of the business case for solving the problem (e.g., quantify the cost).

It is strongly recommended that the proposal includes the name of an editor for the proposal should it be selected for development.

Please find below the ITI continuous development of a work item, for more and better information, the detailed description of this process is at this page You can find the current ITI work item lists here :

  • Once received, some email discussions will be used to refine the proposal to meet the above description of a proper proposal.
  • during a monthly ITI Planning decision meeting  the brief proposal discussed and is placed in  "Under assessment by Planning".  Further refinement may be needed if the ITI Planning committee can't come to an understanding of what the problem is or what the needs are.
  • If this work item is selected by ITI Planning, it goes in the  "Planning assessed work item" list for technical evaluation.
  • ITI Planning will evaluate the prioritization relative to other proposals. This will include an assessment of the expected complexity.
  • After each Technical meeting, depending on the workload,  ITI Technical Committee decides to pick, for development, work items from this list;  these selected work items go then in the "current development list".

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IHE Co-Chair IT Infrastructure Planning and Technical
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John Moehrke

Oct 15, 2020, 12:32:05 PM10/15/20
to IHE ITI Planning Committee, IHE ITI Technical Committee,, IHE XDS Implementors, IHE MHD Implementors
Reminder, you have just a few days to get in your proposals for new work items.
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