Implementation of ITI-67 with XDS on FHIR

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qligier #

Apr 14, 2022, 9:48:45 AMApr 14
to IHE MHD Implementors

I'm trying to implement the MHD ITI-67 transaction with the XDS on FHIR option but have some issues.

"identifier" is missing from table 2:, I'm not sure if it's an oversight or if it's because it's too hard to map (can't search in entryUUID and uniqueId at the same time in ITI-18).

"period" is the most problematic here because I see no way to implement it; with "period" only and two modifiers, there's no way to support the 4 ITI-18 parameters. I see two ways to implement it:

period=sa2022 <=> $XDSDocumentEntryServiceStartTimeFrom
period=eb2022 <=> $XDSDocumentEntryServiceStopTimeTo

and the other two parameters are not supported; or using parameters chaining

period.start=ge2022 <=> $XDSDocumentEntryServiceStartTimeFrom
period.start=lt2022 <=> $XDSDocumentEntryServiceStartTimeTo
period.end=ge2022 <=> $XDSDocumentEntryServiceStopTimeFrom
period.end=lt2022 <=> $XDSDocumentEntryServiceStopTimeTo

Has anyone already implemented the ITI-67 transaction with the XDS on FHIR option?

Kind regards,
Quentin Ligier
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