Questions/Notes on Cross Enterprise Mammography Screening Workflow

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Conrad, Thorsten (VISUS)

Dec 12, 2011, 7:15:46 AM12/12/11
Hello to all,

i have some questions and notes to the XSM, out of my daily work in the German Mammography Screening.

* I think the scheduling of the reading tasks to distinct readers has to be done by
the central service depending on an abstract "reading chain".

- The scheduling of the evaluation tasks is only defined as "personalized" tasks.
So, what about an task pool? (Our customers work so.)

- If a task pool is possible, the first/second reading can only be done sequential.
The whitepaper only describes the parallel reading process.

* There are constraints in the German Mammography Screening:

- In the case that a new mammographer has not yet done 3000 evaluations, the responsible
radiologist has to "supervise" him/her and creates an optional 3rd "Supervision" report.
This supervsion report will aso be used for evaluation purposes of Task 6c.

- The creation of the final result (Task 6c) has to be done by the responsible
radiologist in a consensus conference where first and second reader attending.
There is also the need to document the conference attendees.

* What about the contents of a "Breast Imaging Report"?
- The defined DICOM SR Template 4200 "Breast Imaging Report" is insufficient, in cause of
interpretable items, and not really cross vendor compatible. No one need narrative contents.

* There are no options for the X-Ray parameter documentation (REM profile).
- Are them not needed in other countries?

* There are no options for a technical or clinical recall documentation (possible MAWF profile).
- Maybe the images are unviewable or the technician has documented some scars,dents,
tactile findings which requires a clinical recall without creating new images.

So far good work on the white paper and, maybe, it is an option for the international
Mammography Screening.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards
VISUS Technology Transfer GmbH
Thorsten Conrad


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Francesca Vanzo

Dec 20, 2011, 10:09:36 AM12/20/11
to IHE Mammography
Thank you for your useful and helpful comments.

We are considering your notes and we surely want to add other use
cases to manage different contexts enriching them with those kind of

At the moment we are considering the italian workflow, once we figured
out different use cases from other countries, we will surely take into
account the Breast Imaging Report Templates (in particular the 4200):
the effort should be, as you suggest, to understand how to harmonize
the potential narrative contents indicating them in a boolean way or
to look for another template. Addressing this issue would allow the
central system (or central service) to extract the positive or
negative value of each report and to use it/them for the following

Options: we are still gathering all options and we will add further
ones soon: actually we started only from the XDW options so far.

We solicite you all again to share your observations about the XSM-WD
and workflows from other countries which are all welcome.

Distinti saluti - Best regards - Mit freundlichen Grüßen -

Dott.ssa Francesca Vanzo
Project Engineer

Consorzio Arsenàl.IT
Centro Veneto Ricerca e Innovazione per la Sanità Digitale
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