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David Clunie

Nov 7, 2013, 5:15:20 PM11/7/13
Quite so, Kevin.

Chris, I am the author, if you weren't following along the emails
when I first put this forward to the mammography sub-group for
review a few weeks ago.

I wrote it in advance, since I will not be able to participate in
next week's F2F meetings, mostly to save Antje (et al) some work
after she generously (was) volunteered as the editor, since
drafting the text of the supplement is the hardest part, and it
is easier to edit something than create it.

I used all of the feedback from users and vendors provided before,
during and after the SIIM forum, to inform what was or was not
included in this initial draft, with the goal of being comprehensive
(leaving nothing out) rather than attempting to guess at what might
be an eventual consensus.

This also applies to the open and closed issues, but I would be
surprised if the group finds many of my suggestions for those
that be closed to be worth re-opening, but I did not want to just
omit them, or risk forgetting to discuss them.

That said, if there is anything specific that you (or GE) find
objectionable in the document (other than its existence, which
apparently offends you), feel free to share ...


PS. I don't smoke, and I wrote it sitting on my patio in the sun,
so no closed doors were involved either :) So rest assured that I
did not conspire with anyone (except my dog, who provided useful
feedback in between barking at the squirrels) to preempt the IHE
"process", such as it is, since we seem to make it up as we go along.
I am not aware of any "rule" that prohibits providing a first draft
for consideration at the kick-off meeting.

On 11/7/13 10:32 AM, O'Donnell, Kevin wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> I don't think it is being posted as a fait acompli but rather as a strawman to provide a tangible document around which we can have the discussions that you rightly point out we will be having.
> As a strawman, all of the contents are up for discussion. Each open issue would be discussed, and perhaps modified or closed. Each closed issue would be discussed and either agreed or moved to open. The overall approach would be reviewed similarly.
> See you next week.
> - Kevin
> From: [] On Behalf Of Lindop, Christopher (GE Healthcare)
> Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2013 6:34 AM
> To:
> Subject: [IHE-Rad-Tech1598] DBT Profile Kick-off Nov 13
> I received this document and find it quite strange.
> We have not even had our Kick-off meeting, yet someone thinks they have already decided what the profile content and scope will be. Someone has even identified and closed open items.
> This is so not IHE process. We do not build profiles behind closed doors in smoke-filled rooms.
> My first suggestion to whoever the author is of this document is remove IHE from the title. The profile Kickoff meeting is Nov 13. Then, we will decide on the content and scope.
> Chris
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