What mammo requirements for on-CD viewer ?

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David Clunie

May 26, 2010, 7:53:57 AM5/26/10
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Hi Mammo folks

I got a question the other day about how recipients of CDs
who are not mammography experts with their own dedicated
workstation software would view mammograms on CDs. e.g.,
a primary care physician wanting to show/explain the
images to a patient.

The "ordinary" on-board viewers (including that specified
in the BIR profile) are not usually optimal for showing
mammograms to put it mildly.

Also, the recipient probably really needs something to
point them to the "correct" image and not only that but
to the localized area of abnormality.

E.g., a presentation state annotating the lesion location
perhaps, +/- a KOS, thought not many available CD viewers
actually support either (or even allow either to be burned
on the CD if the viewer doesn't support them).

Others have suggested "web content" on the CD that includes
a JPEG of the abnormal area, viewable in a browser.

Any thoughts from those users who make these CDs and send
them out ?

Do we need a specific profile for this sort of thing ?

If we defined mammo-specific CD viewer requirements, what
would the main requirements be ?

What are you currently putting on the CDs you make (any
viewer at all even) ?

I noticed, for example, that one can export CDs from the
Hologic or the GE workstations, but I don't think any viewer
is included in either case (correct me if I am wrong)


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