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Nakahara Informatics Inc.

May 13, 2008, 10:52:09 PM5/13/08
> I just changed to a new mac....the old one died. I have tried
> everything I can think of to get the email to work but it doesn't any > suggestions. > > thanks > > I have tired gmail account and it just won't work.

Hello, Thanks for the email. Here are some suggestions for troubleshooting email: 1.) Did you notice that we just recently released iGet Mobile 2.0? If not, update to the latest version (it's free). Choose "Check for Updates" from the iGet Mobile menu and then download and install version 2.0. It does include a few fixes for email. 2.) After you have 2.0, open the Email preference pane in iGet Mobile. Then. choose "iGet Mobile Help" from the Help menu. On the main title page, click the "Other Topics" link at the bottom. Then, in the topic list that appears, choose "Preferences: Email" (near the bottom). That page just describes the settings, but at the bottom is a link for "Email Settings for Gmail". Click that link. 3.) Position the Help window so that you can see it and iGet Mobile's Preferences window at the same time. Compare the values in your iGet Mobile Preferences window with the example. The server address, port, and popup menus should all be the same as the example. Only your username, password, and your own email address should be different. 4.) Finally, click the "Test Current Settings" button. This opens a sheet that lets you send a test email to yourself. Enter your email address and click Send. If it does not work, click Show Transcript (in the test sheet) to see if there is a clue there. If you cannot make sense of this info, you copy it and email to us. Or if you get any other errors, try sending us a screen shot and we'll see if we can help figure it out. (Command-Control-Shift-4 is a handy Mac OS X shortcut to select only part of the screen and copy it as a screenshot, so you can then paste it into an email to our support department.) Best regards, -- Naomi for Nakahara Informatics, Inc.
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