how can I get an HTTPS request instead of HTTP through NO-IP.COM

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Mar 12, 2008, 12:40:09 AM3/12/08
I bought a your iGet mobile and it seems fantastic.
BUT .... I have a problem
I configured a NO-IP account because of DNS etc.
when I connect I am correctly redirected to my ISP and 5555 port etc.
the problem is that iPhone (and any browser) tell me the following message

Sorry, this service requires SSL. (Make sure your URL begins with https://, not just http://)

any idea how to correct this... since I could not find a way on NO-IP.COM to have HTTPS instead of HTTP 
when redirecting....

I thank you for your answer and I want to congratulate for the great product



Nakahara Informatics Inc.

Mar 12, 2008, 1:52:07 AM3/12/08
to, Lauro

Thanks for the email. That's interesting that has a problem with HTTPS.

Are you sure it is not working? That is, are you sure you are typing the https part when entering your no-ip dynamic DNS host name in Safari on the iPhone? E.g.:

I am pretty sure we have several users that are using successfully, which is why I ask. I am not sure what redirect features they offer, but with normal dynamic DNS, your own hostname should work with either http or https. (In iGet Mobile's case, it would only work with https.)

You might also try emailing, if they offer support. Or contact us directly with the exact hostname and URL you are trying to use that is not working. (Don't use this forum, since you probably don't want that information sitting around on Google forever... you can reach us at

Finally, the next big update to iGet Mobile is expected to offer native dynamic DNS support. This will likely make it easier to troubleshoot, but that release is still a few weeks away...

Best regards,
Naomi for support@
Nakahara Informatics, Inc.

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