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May 18, 2008, 4:45:22 AM5/18/08
to iGet Mobile Support
Hi All,
I am using iGet Mobile 2.0. I access my powerbook using my iPhone and
i email a file as attachment. I get the message that the email has
been sent, however, it never gets delivered. How can i troubleshoot

Thanks in advance for your help.


Nakahara Informatics Inc.

May 18, 2008, 1:02:22 PM5/18/08

Thanks for the message. If you use the iGet Mobile application's
Preferences window, and show the "Email" pane, and then use the "Test
Current Settings" function there, what happens?

Do you get an error, or does it say it succeeds sending the message?

If you do not get an error, do you then receive the test message?

The most common reason for this type of problem is the message being
trapped/filtered by a spam filter somewhere. iGet Mobile does not
report success until it has a fairly good assurance that the message
will be delivered (e.g., the remote SMTP mail server accepts the

In some cases, the message will be rejected by the recipient's mail
server. In this case, the server will send a 'bounce' or rejection
note. To make sure you receive such messages, make sure iGet Mobile's
"From Address" setting (again, in the Email preference pane) has your
valid email address in it. Otherwise, if the recipient server refused
the message, you would not get the notification.

Please feel free to follow up with our support department if these
suggestions don't help.

Very best regards,
Naomi for
Nakahara Informatics, Inc.

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