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Jun 19, 2008, 3:42:40 AM6/19/08
to iGet Mobile Support

your app seems to be great and much more comfortable than for example
Searchlight etc. Nevertheless I am a greenhorn regarding to set up my
Mac to run your app. What I already did / prepared:

1. cause of having no static IP I tryed to get a hostname from
2. for my LinkSys Router WRT54GR I set 5555 - 5555 for both (TCP &
UDP) at Port Range Forewarding to IP address Same at
Single Port Forewarding
3. is set as my IPv4-address in my network settings on
the Mac, using DHCP, Router is
4. Apple Talk is activated
5. Web Sharing is activated
6. File Sharing is activated, computer at my local network is called
"XXX-MacBook-Pro-17.local", and this info afp://, files
and folders are prepared with AFP (at options), my DynDNS is entered
at device name / edit with + name + pass (xxx always
stands for my computer name).
7. is entered at the settings for iGetMobile
as Server name, all checkmarks are set at "General"
8. at "Access" my login datas are set correctly like registered before
9. at "Network" all checkmarks are set, Preferred Hostname is ""

Allright, this are all the settings I have done till now.
Nevertheless: IT WON'T RUN :-( I don't have any access :-( What the
hell am I doing wrong? Is there missing something? Any more settings I
have to click / do?
Please be so kind and try to help me. I really love this app (when it
will run) and like to buy it.

Cheers, hope to hear from you soon,

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