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Apr 27, 2008, 11:14:37 AM4/27/08
to iGet Mobile Support
November 29, 2007, I reported I was unable to set-up iGet's email
feature. I was asked for more information, which I provided, but have
not been contacted since. Six months on, can someone help me please?

I have tried several email accounts, deleted Keychain entries, but
still iGet reports it is unable to connect to outgoing mail server.

Nakahara Informatics Inc.

Apr 28, 2008, 6:29:56 AM4/28/08
to, psandiford

Thanks for following up, and I do apologize that we weren't able to
resolve your issue. Unfortunately, we cannot tell what might be
causing it to fail to work. Since you have tried it with various email
accounts, that makes me think there is something specific to your
network that iGet Mobile can't deal with, perhaps.

I have two suggestions:

1.) I looked up your old email to our support department, and I see
from your screen shots that the Send Test Email function appears to be
working at first, but then subsequently gets an error. After this
occurs, that is, after you get the error, please press the Transcript
button. This will print out the transcript to the console.log. If you
could email the contents of that transcript to us, it may help
diagnose the issue. (Rather than posting such info on the public
forum, you may prefer to email us directly:

2.) We're preparing to begin beta testing a major update to iGet
Mobile. If you would be willing to participate, please send us an
email to that effect. Especially with unusual issues like this, the
beta program may be the best bet at getting it fixed, because our
engineers can easily add extra diagnostic/debugging checks to these
test releases to help pinpoint the problem.

Hopefully, one of these might help get your issue resolved.

Very best regards,
Naomi for support@
Nakahara Informatics, Inc.

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