Utah Indie Game Jam and GameJam+ Oct 9-11

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Sep 23, 2020, 3:37:18 AM9/23/20
to Utah IGDA Members
On October 9-11 we are doing Utah Indie Game Jam:

and this year it is also part of an event called GameJam+. We will plan to submit our top teams from this event to the "Game Jam World Championships" as described here: https://gamejamplus.com/
You can already sign up if you want to take a shot at the finals: 
A ticket to game jam plus is encouraged but not required. We will also have our indie game jam the way Greg runs it just the same as usual (except it will be all virtual/from-home this time). 
Thanks in advance to those of you who have already signed up to be judges and volunteer to help make it happen! 

We will plan on using the Utah Game Dev Discord for the jam- (https://igda.org/resources-archive/utah-game-dev-discord/). Participants will be able to listen in for the opening presentation and then split up into rooms for their teams. Then in the final presentations they can each take turns sharing screen to present their results.

(Paid assets are not allowed. Winners from our site will need to make their entry public either on itch or gamejolt so they can be eligible for the public voting nomination.)

GameJam+ HQ requires a "Pitch Demo" in the middle of the jam, where the team practices pitching their game to a mentor. This helps them work out kinks with the presenting in advance. And the mentors should give them honest feedback. I will work with each team to arrange this pitch demo time on that Saturday. 

If you know someone interested in sponsoring or volunteering, please do get in touch! 

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Oct 4, 2020, 3:23:25 PM10/4/20
to Utah IGDA Members
Quick reminder that this event is coming up this weekend!

And I was invited to be on a panel today for the "Esquenta" which means warm-up period, feel free to take a look if you like:

Keep an eye out for more announcements and reminders... and in any case see you in the discord for the event itself this weekend!


Oct 8, 2020, 8:49:13 PM10/8/20
to Utah IGDA Members
Reminder tomorrow at 6pm we are gathering for the virtual Utah Indie Game Jam 2020 and GameJam+ Salt Lake City!

Fixed some localization with the eventbrite for those wanting to contribute:

Also to clarify some rules questions, we allow some paid assets for the Utah Indie Game Jam (but you should still be making most of the game yourself), but if you use paid assets you won't be eligible for the GameJam+ regional nominations. The GameJam+ rules document (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1soQmQZZsGCCwKi_mOjq7vLtfMQp26nDMAeWCL0lm9a0/edit?usp=sharing) has a link to a list of approved tools and free asset sites if you want to check: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QNHl2KC6JaogW8oF7f4nUyDJr705tc-j6gybjCZlVg8/edit?usp=sharing
In the GameJam+ rules it talks about a global itch.io jam link - that link is: https://itch.io/jam/gamejam-2020
Those participating in GameJam+ need to do these four additional things:
 - participate in the Pitch Demo on Saturday, including a plan for marketing and monetization (I'll set up a time between 7pm and 8pm on Saturday with each participating team.)
 - make a recording of your final presentation (limit 5 minutes) and send it to GJ+ HQ before end of jam Sunday (I'll be recording the whole final presentations and make highlight videos for each participating team.)
 - submit your game to the global GJ+ jam:  https://itch.io/jam/gamejam-2020 before end of jam Sunday (So that is a total of two itch.io jams to submit your game project to, our local Utah Indie Game Jam one: https://itch.io/jam/utah-indie-game-jam-2020 and the GameJam+ Global First Stage one: https://itch.io/jam/gamejam-2020)
- buy a ticket if you can, especially if you are selected for regionals: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/salt-lake-city-gamejam-tickets-118932388977


Oct 11, 2020, 10:08:13 PM10/11/20
to Utah IGDA Members
Utah Indie Game Jam 2020 and GameJam+ Salt Lake City 2020 official results!!

Audience Choice - Vote now!
https://itch.io/jam/utah-indie-game-jam-2020/entries Voting is still open until tomorrow but right now the leader is... Baby Delivery - 3,3,5 = ~3.6 Cemetery Hill - 5,5,5 = 5 The Last Tree - 3,4,4,4 - ~3.8 Ragdoll Responders - 2,4,4 - ~3.5 Flux - 4,4,2 = ~3.5 ... Cemetery Hill! https://itch.io/jam/utah-indie-game-jam-2020/rate/786136 "Left Field" Award - Baby Delivery https://itch.io/jam/utah-indie-game-jam-2020/rate/785224 Most Educational - Baby Delivery https://itch.io/jam/utah-indie-game-jam-2020/rate/785224 Most Likely to Succeed - Ragdoll Responders https://itch.io/jam/utah-indie-game-jam-2020/rate/785975 Best Use of Tech - Flux https://itch.io/jam/utah-indie-game-jam-2020/rate/786235 Best Humor - Ragdoll Responders https://itch.io/jam/utah-indie-game-jam-2020/rate/785975 Best Narrative - Cemetery Hill https://itch.io/jam/utah-indie-game-jam-2020/rate/786136 Best Gameplay - The Last Tree https://itch.io/jam/utah-indie-game-jam-2020/rate/786143 Best Audio - The Last Tree https://itch.io/jam/utah-indie-game-jam-2020/rate/786143 Best Visuals - Cemetery Hill https://itch.io/jam/utah-indie-game-jam-2020/rate/786136 Grand Prize ... ... .... Ragdoll Responders!!! https://itch.io/jam/utah-indie-game-jam-2020/rate/785975 -- GJ+ Stage 1 Winner - Flux https://itch.io/jam/utah-indie-game-jam-2020/rate/786235

GameJam+ is accepting donations to fuel the semifinal and final events:


A huge thank you to the volunteers and judges who helped make this event happen! Heads up we have the Utah Game Dev Choice Awards 2020 happening soon (https://groups.google.com/g/igda_utah/c/p4kwP0UpJa8) and then look forward to a (virtual) Global Game Jam in that same discord server in January!

Great work by all the jammers and thank you to everyone who participated!


Oct 13, 2020, 12:26:04 PM10/13/20
to Utah IGDA Members
One last broadcast on this, HQ asked me to put out a call for anyone interested in mentoring or judging for the rest of the Stages of GameJam+! Let me know if you'd like to be involved. 
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