Using web service to get contents of ifolder?

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Dec 10, 2010, 11:55:19 AM12/10/10
to iFolder-Ubuntu-Debian-Android-dev
Hi all

I'm a developer looking to write some custom web services for ifolder
to assist integration with another project. To kick off with, I'd like
to be able to do the following things;

1) Login as user x assuming I know the credentials (I will as they
will have been entered into the LDAP by my scripts in the 1st place)
2) Get a list of that user's ifolders
3) Get a list of the contents of each ifolder
4) For a given entry in an ifolder, get the real file path on the
filesystem so I can read the file and do other things with it (other
than sync)

I've had a look at the ifolder_cli tool that uses perl and soap and
this seems to suggest to me that what I'm trying to do isn't barking
mad - especially since I'm comfortable with perl and soap. I've also
had a brief look at the WSDL that is buried in the source repository
and it looks as if there are a lot of options that might be available
to me ...

Could someone familiar with the innards of ifolder comment on whether
my approach is likely to bear fruit and perhaps point me in the right
direction if I'm not pointing there already?

Many thanks

Roger Moffatt

Dec 11, 2010, 7:21:34 PM12/11/10
Solved by myself... look at the project wsdl files.
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