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Nov 4, 2011, 1:46:05 AM11/4/11
to ifmapdev

I had a play with the vIBOS server from Infloblox. I have our Infoblox
DHCP grid publishing and deleting DHCP leases to the MAP server. I now
want another MAP client to monitor and perform an action when a lease
has expired. Using Infoblox's client simulator I can subscribe to an
IP address and be notified when the lease for that one IP has expired
but what I cant figure out is how to monitor all lease's. Any


Terry Simons

Nov 4, 2011, 2:48:45 AM11/4/11
Can you subscribe to lease offers?

It seems like subscribing to both lease offers and expirations would
give you the ability to keep track of all the leases (well, any that
have occurred since your map connection...)

I'm a bit rusty, but can't you query the ip-mac links?

ip-mac is a standard link type, so I think that *should* work...
perhaps somebody else can demonstrate exactly how to do that. :)

- Terry

Peter Lee

Nov 7, 2011, 12:46:28 PM11/7/11
Infoblox IBOS has this feature called "Global Identifier", I think that's maybe the solution to your problem. But I am not sure if this feature is included in the vIBOS.

Another possible solution is to create a dummy link between every single one of the ip-address that are available from DHCP, with a single dummy identifier. That way, you can just subscribe on the dummy identifier, with depth=2, and set filter to only see update on "ip-mac". But it maybe resource costly if you have a lot of IPs.


Navin Boddu

Nov 7, 2011, 1:23:18 PM11/7/11
Yes, Global Identifiers feature is supported by vIBOS and provides the
required solution. Also as Peter mentioned the alternative solution
would be to create dummy links which may not be an elegant approach
but works.


Jeff Myers

Nov 11, 2011, 1:55:00 PM11/11/11
Hey group members, I am interested in developing some IFMAP based sensor networks but need to brainstorm a bit.  Is anyone interested in a call sometime next week to discuss?

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