ccs and learning curve regards cost (mainly capture cost)

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haakon skogstad

Jan 17, 2023, 12:17:07 PM1/17/23
to IECM User Forum
Hi, I'm trying to create a cost estimate for the value chain for ccs for my master's degree thesis. I also want to include the "learning curve" for the industry, and use this to assess the costs for a project and how these costs come about and develop for a 20-40 year plan. In this context, I read "ESTIMATING THE FUTURE TRENDS IN THE COST OF CO2 CAPTURE TECHNOLOGIES"
Report Number: 2006/6
Date: February 2006

It referred back to this page. What I am wondering is whether you have access to empirical data for costs related to CO2 capture or models that show this "learning curve" that makes it cheaper over time. 
To clarify, I am interested in all data sets that show how cost changes over time for CO2 capture or similar industries.
Any help on this topic is greatly appreciated.


Jan 17, 2023, 12:35:27 PM1/17/23
to haakon skogstad, IECM User Forum
I’m also interested in such topic so let’s figure it out together 

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Haibo Zhai

Jan 17, 2023, 12:55:28 PM1/17/23
to IECM User Forum


Regarding the projection of future costs for power plants with CCS, I suggest you read the following paper, which provides the data of installed capacity and learning rates needed to develop learning curves and project future costs. The paper has all what we have.

Rubin, E. S., Yeh, S., Antes, M., Berkenpas, M., & Davison, J. (2007). Use of experience curves to estimate the future cost of power plants with CO2 capture. International journal of greenhouse gas control, 1(2), 188-197.


Haibo Zhai for the IECM team

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