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Julien Foucaud

Feb 19, 2024, 9:50:29 AMFeb 19
to idtracker.ai users group

Hello all,

First, thanks to the author for this new version of idtrackerai, it is much improved since last time I used it (2021).

I have a simple question : I find the 'segmenting video' step very long (I have thousands of small_sized video to process) and in the version I last used, speed was very much improved at this step with the parameters SAVE_PIXELS = 'RAM' and SAVE_SEGMENTATION_IMAGE = 'RAM' in my (then) local_settings.py file

I coudn't find the same parameters in your documentation or example .toml files

Is that still possible to enforce in the latest release ?

Thanks a lot, and once again, great job.

Julien Foucaud


Feb 20, 2024, 6:47:10 AMFeb 20
to julien....@gmail.com, idtracker.ai users group
Hi Julien,

I'm glad you find the new version more useful than previous ones.

We removed the  "SAVE_PIXELS" parameter since we no longer work with blob's pixels (area) but their contours (perimeter). I can't imagine a tracking setup where this doesn't bring an enormous speedup.

And regarding "SAVE_SEGMENTATION_IMAGE", we removed this tunable parameter hardcoding it to "DISK". Reducing RAM usage and simplify usage was a priority and we didn't see any downside apart from small time penalties (maybe big penalties in your setups?).

If you encounter big slowdowns compared to previous versions, I would like to take a look at your idtrackerai's logs. Or an example of the videos you work on. I would be open to reconsider reimplementing "SAVE_SEGMENTATION_IMAGE" if it's worth it.


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Julien Foucaud

Feb 21, 2024, 5:10:38 AMFeb 21
to idtracker.ai users group
Hi Jordi,

Thanks for your answers. It seems I'm in a very peculiar case where this means a lot to be able to have the segmentation image in the RAM.

I have run a test, consisting of a batch of 288 small-size videos in each of which only one animal needs to be tracked (see the attached log file for 1 of these videos) : this takes 36h hours overall and mainly because of disk access during this segmentation step. It means around 7.5 min per video in average, unlike the ~2 min per video with the older parameters. From the log file I understand it would probably be back to 2min per video with a reasonable segmentation step.

The thing is I need to process 24 batches like this every 3 weeks for 6 months, so this amount of speed up would mean I'd be able not to lag behind my data accumulation.

Thanks a lot for your efforts in idtrackerai,



Mar 22, 2024, 11:37:59 AMMar 22
to idtracker.ai users group
For the records, this issue has been fixed by adding the parameter BOUNDING_BOX_IMAGES_IN_RAM (check documentation).
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