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Eric Moeller

Jan 30, 2022, 4:29:21 PM1/30/22
to idTracker/idSocial users

I am trying to use idMatcher, however after several hours it just opens a blank matlab figure and does not create new trajectories_sorted files. I have downloaded idMatcher.exe, installed MatLab v8.2, unzipped idMatcher.exe into a new file on the same hard drive as the videos, and I added all of the datosegm files into the program. I am not sure if it just takes over 24 hours to complete, or if there is an error. Can anyone tell me what they did to get it working and the process/time frame of what happens when it works correctly? In task manager it shows that it is utilizing resources, but after the blank MatLab figure shows up the resources drop to levels where I think that it is just from having the window open. I am using videos that I analyzed using idTracker 2.1.

This is a critical part of my Master's Thesis research and I am not sure what I can do if it doesn't work. 

Eric Moeller

Feb 1, 2022, 9:34:54 AM2/1/22
to idTracker/idSocial users

Unfortunately, idMatcher is a bit unstable and we don't have the resources to maintain it properly. A trick you can use is to do the job with idTracker itself: Rename your two videos with the same name followed by consecutive numbers (e.g. video1.mp4, video2.mp4), so that idTracker believes they are a single video. Then, it will extract a common set of references for both videos and will track them both with the same identities.

The tracking quality may be lower than the one you would obtain using idTracker on each video and then idMatcher, so you may want to also track each video separately (although you may also get high enough quality from the common tracking, it depends on the video characteristics).

I hope this helps!

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