Project IdleAlong - unfinished restoration project in Dunedin

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KW Salmon

May 4, 2013, 2:03:30 AM5/4/13
Hi all Idle-Along enthusiasts

I hope this email finds you well. It's a while since there has been activity on the IA email group.  But I hope you have been keeping an IA on the IA site for upcoming events.

I have just received the email below - about an IdleAlong that is looking for a home. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please email and we will put you in touch.

Regards Keith

EMAIL RECEIVED at 4 May 2013

I have an idlealong I'd like to sell - and "sell" having a wide meaning; I want to avoid destroying it.

My father bought it for me as a project, and I've never been able to spend any time on it. It is ply, and was stripped back and a couple of patches repaired with fibreglass. Most fitting have been removed. It needs a reasonable amount of attention before being painted. It's been stored in a shed for 10 years, but this is no longer possible and I currently have nowhere to put it.

It has a set of sails and trailer. The trailer would need considerable attention, and may not be worth recovering.

Unfortunately this is in Dunedin. 

If there is anyone that might be interested in it for a project, or for the sails etc, I'd love to hear from them. I don't have long window to wait unfortunately - I can store it under a tarp outside for a few weeks at most.


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