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gengohub id

Aug 8, 2022, 12:49:24 AMAug 8
to iDempiere
good health everyone,
I want to ask in the View Allocation window that my document status is
still progressing, where the document is entered into the workflow,
meaning it is complete when it is approved, but the document status is
still progressing, and the invoice status has not been paid off, but
in open balance it has reduced the balance of receivables, because in
the function does not detect the document is complete or not, what is
the solution?

this is the open balance function snippet

SELECT a.AD_Client_ID, a.AD_Org_ID,
al.Amount, al.DiscountAmt, al.WriteOffAmt,
a.C_Currency_ID, a.DateTrx
FROM C_AllocationLine al
INNER JOIN C_AllocationHdr a ON (al.C_AllocationHdr_ID=a.C_AllocationHdr_ID)
WHERE al.C_Invoice_ID = p_C_Invoice_ID
AND a.IsActive='Y'

Burhani Adam S. Kom

Aug 8, 2022, 11:00:29 PMAug 8
to iDempiere
in normal condition, allocation never have a status except Closed, Completed, Voided And Reversed. closed and completed status had the same meaning, for voided status all amount field will be set to zero, for reversed status the reversal document will be create negatif amount and original document had a positif amount (if sum, we get it zero). so ignore the status document, it is true. if your developer customize a allocation module, so that the document have a status draft, inprogress or another one, you must custom some the function or logic to support the new "Allocation" in your version.

Victor Suárez

Aug 12, 2022, 12:53:35 PMAug 12
to iDempiere

You must check the workflow, the balance of the Business Partner is updated upon completion, as well as the payment of the invoice, the document must remain in completed status.


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