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The IDEA Network is a group of farmers who want to improve organic practices in their farming operations as well as non organic farmers looking to make their operations more environmentally sound. The IDEA Network email list provides an online space where members of the group can pose questions and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the whole group. In order to foster an environment of learning and collaboration, we ask that the group agree to abide by the following guidelines when using the Network email list.

Please DO:
  • Pose detailed questions to the group
  • Reply with suggestions and ideas based on your knowledge and experience
  • Engage in lively, respectful debate
  • Invite others to join
Please DO NOT:
  • Post personal business advertisements or sales pitches
  • Subscribe any members of this list to any other newsletters or listservs
  • Post political messages, campaign announcements, or issue action alerts
We want to be an inclusive group that provides help and community to people and farmers around us. If you have any questions please let us know.