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Nov 21, 2018, 4:33:38 PM11/21/18
to IDE64

I got a used IDE64 (V4.2, IDEDOS 0.90) today and I am not able to get anything running.

I tried 3 CF-Cards, 2 IDE-Drives and 2 ZIP-drives. All of them are detected correctly and I am able to browse the directories using the file manager. But as soon as I am going to load something, I always get a LOAD ERROR. I tried FAT16 and FAT32 for all drives. I also tried the device on a different C64 without success. I am not using any catridge expanders.

Do I need to change the file system to CFS in order to load stuff? I used an older version of the IDE64 (V2.1) about 15 years ago and I was able to simply use a CF-Adapter without changing file system.

Can someone help?


Nov 22, 2018, 10:52:01 AM11/22/18
Hello Hans,
you need to create CFS filesystem on the CF card to use the power of IDE64.
With the Idedos 0.91, the LOAD also works with the FAT filesystem, but you are limited to short filenames, no direct write etc. The CFS filesystem suits IDE64 better. 
More information in the User's Giude:

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