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Matt Di Pasquale

Jun 1, 2011, 7:00:40 AM6/1/11
Kiwi, which works great with iCuke, is by far the best lib for RSpec-style BDD unit testing on the iPhone & iPad. (I prefer it much more than Cedar.) Plus, it's very easy to set up, mainly because it has excellent documentation:

But, that's the least of reasons I like it the best. It's even more like RSpec than any other unit testing lib out there because it implements it's own matchers, expectations, mocks, stubs, etc. So, you can kiss OCMock & OCHamcrest goodbye!

Plus, it's built on top of OCMock & SenTestingKit, so it integrates extremely well w Xcode. E.g., you can quickly run your tests with Command-B without having to change the build target, and it points you to the exact line number of the failure if there is one.

It freaking rocks!


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Bachir El Khoury

Jun 3, 2011, 11:24:38 AM6/3/11
I just tried it, thanks for sharing.
Super easy to setup and use.

Bachir El Khoury

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