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ICT for DEVelopment people in the greater Cape Town area meet monthly to link up local ICT4D projects and the people behind them. 

Why you should attend
ICTDEVers attracts wide-ranging interests, e.g. healthcare, telecoms, water and food safety and security, e-government, e-learning, e-everything; with a wide variety of multi-disciplinary skills. You will meet people based at local universities; tech companies and NGOs and government.  All higher education institutions in the Western Cape are producing a vast talent pool, and they are often looking for project ideas (especially before the start of our academic year in Jan/Feb), and also for internships and jobs. In other words, it's a great space to cross-fertilise in the ICT4D space.

When and where
As of 2016 (been doing this for years), we would like to meet every month, usually after work around 6ish. Meeting venues can rotate amongst local universities and we also have met at the Mountain Club of South Africa on Hatfield Street, to have a university-neutral space to come together. Last year we had a very successful 'meeting' at a burger bar in town. It was social and fun. That's how it should be.

What to expect
ICTDEVers is, for the most part, informal. If we host at a uni, we utilise a variety of social networking and workshopping techniques to increase awareness of, and establish links between, local ICT4D projects and the people behind them, e.g. jam sessions, seminar/talks, demo's, cafe, etc. If we meet at a bar, well, you can figure that out.

What we have done and where we are heading
We met monthly for almost two years in 2012–2013 culminating in a very successful showcase of local ICT4D work to a large international and multi-stakeholder audience on Dec 7, 2013, the overlap evening of ICTD and DEV conferences held at UCT. We thought we might work towards a TED talk or two, perhaps in 2017. Come and practice your team's TED pitch to a sympathetic and interested audience!

This ongoing effort is dedicated to the memory of Gary Marsden, who was instrumental in bringing ICTD and DEV conferences to Cape Town in 2013; and who was the impetus for ICTDEVers to start again in 2012 (actually we had done this before even earlier!).

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