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Mar 10, 2022, 6:32:13 AMMar 10
to AtoM Users
Good morning, I have two questions about how AtoM works. The first occurs at the following URL where the contact details of the Provincial Archive appear, although only the from the current file, how can I delete them? (contacto.png)

On the other hand, in the identifier of this fund: it appears repeated "ES ES" while in the others it is correctly put "ES", for example it would be good here: (identifier.png)  Why is "ES" repeated?

Thanks in advance, regard!!!


Dan Gillean

Mar 10, 2022, 8:54:57 AMMar 10
to ICA-AtoM Users
Hi Isabel, 

Regarding the contact details: I've never seen that before, and I assume it is part of your custom theme that has introduced the problem. I would ask your local developer or system administrator to take a look at the custom theme template files for any issues. 

You can also try recompiling the CSS on your custom theme (though I suspect you will need to fix the theme files first). We will need make and lessc installed for this, if you don't have them locally installed already: 
  • sudo apt install npm make
  • sudo npm install -g "less@<4.0.0"
After that you can recompile the theme by using the make command with the path to your custom theme plugin. For example, to recompile the CSS for the base Dominion theme, use the following command from AtoM's root installation directory: 
  • make -C plugins/arDominionPlugin
You can do the same with your custom theme, changing arDominionPlugin to the name of your custom theme plugin. I'd suggest clearing the application cache, restarting PHP-FPM, and also clearing your web browser cache  as well before re-testing. 

Regarding the repeated ES: 

I am a bit confused about this as well, since the behavior *should* be the same on both description examples you shared, since they are linked to the same repository. This means that there may be further local customizations affecting this. However: 

By default, if you have the setting for Reference code inheritance turned on, then AtoM builds the description reference codes by combining several elements, separated by whatever separator character you also configure in the settings. These combined elements are: 

  • Country code (derived from the country code of the country entered into the contact information of the related archival institution)
  • Repository identifier (derived from the identifier field on the related archival institution)
  • Top-level description identifier
  • Any intermediary level identifiers
  • The identifier of the target description

In your repository record, you can see that the Country has been set in the contact information - AtoM then associates this with the relevant country code: 


I believe that the use of the Reference code inheritance setting is why this extra ES is appearing in the description's identifier. However, I'm not sure why the behavior is different on this description, which appears to be linked to the same repository: 

This may be due to some issue in your custom theme. However, I would also suggest running some of AtoM's common maintenance tasks to see what changes, such as rebuilding the nested set, generating slugs, repopulating the search index, clearing the cache, and restarting PHP-FPM. Instructions and/or links for all of these tasks can be found on the Troubleshooting documentation page: 
Let us know how it goes! Good luck! 

Dan Gillean, MAS, MLIS
AtoM Program Manager
Artefactual Systems, Inc.
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Portales Municipales

Mar 15, 2022, 9:53:54 AMMar 15
to AtoM Users
Hi Dan, thanks for the reply, I was able to solve the problems.

Regarding contact, it was my mistake. In the translation of the term "address" I put the address of our entity and used it as a label....

And in the case of the repeated ES, I tried to re-nest, clear cache and restart PHP and NGINX and in the end it fixed it. Come on now they all come out with duplicate ES but at least it's a rule.

For our part, we will have to eliminate the manual ES that we have put in the identifier fields of the institutions.

So thanks again, cheers.
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