Importing Archival Institution information in EAG XML format

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Sep 7, 2019, 4:59:50 AM9/7/19
to AtoM Users
Dear all,

I was hoping to import some archival institutions in EAG format (which is used a lot by the Spanish Archives Portal for the Spanish Archives Catalog ( but I have seen that it is not supported.

I saw that somebody thought about developing a plugin but I am not sure if it was developed in the end:

I guess that the best option would be to make a script to convert the EAG files I want to use to the CSV template that AtoM can import. I would have thought that somebody must have done something similar but I could not find anything about it anywhere.


PS. I guess that the fact that I seem to be the third person asking about EAG in this group means that there is not a strong insterest about EAG in the user base. :)


Sep 9, 2019, 7:05:54 AM9/9/19
Dear Daniel,

On the contrary! Here in Brazil we are very interested in using the EAG. Especially because it would be so much better to manage the number of Institutions we own, but it seems AToM doesn't contemplate this form of data import. Unfortunately, as EAD and EAC work very well.

Cristina Ruth

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Cristina R

Dan Gillean

Sep 10, 2019, 10:54:43 AM9/10/19
to ICA-AtoM Users
Hi Daniel, 

EAG XML has not seen broad international adoption (though it has been implemented in some larger aggregators such as Archives Portal Europe) and more importantly, I'm not clear on whether or not it is still being maintained - the last update I can see is from March 2015. So there are some reasons to hesitate in implementing it. That said, it is the only standardized exchange format for archival institutions, and it does follow ISDIAH, so support could likely be added to AtoM without changes to the archival institution entity in AtoM. 

Primarily, this comes down to how we currently develop and maintain AtoM, which is described on our wiki here: 
Essentially, while Artefactual dedicates time in each release to fix bugs, implement minor enhancements, update our documentation, prune unecessary code, and optimize features where we are able, we rely on community support for new feature development and other major changes. This can either be in the form of code contributions, or development sponsorship. If seeing EAG support in AtoM is a priority for you or your organization, and you would be interested in potentially sponsoring its development, please feel free to contact me off list and our team can prepare a development estimate for you. If you are, or have access to, a developer, we also have some resources to help get you started - I've rounded many of them up in this previous forum thread: 

Dan Gillean, MAS, MLIS
AtoM Program Manager
Artefactual Systems, Inc.

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