AtoM no longer letting us add some fields to descriptions

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Brandon Uhlman

May 26, 2021, 1:56:25 PM5/26/21
to AtoM Users
Hi, all.

We recently upgraded our non-production environments from 2.6.4 to the 2.7 development stream from Git (qa/2.x).

Since that change, we are no longer able to:
- add events (i.e. dates of creation) to a description/InformationObject
- edit existing events in a description
- add text to a General Note in a description

...but we were able to:
- delete an event in a description
- add a Restriction Note

I enabled general_log in MySQL so I could trace the SQL being generated by attempts to change those values, to see if the INSERT/UPDATE queries were being generated, but failing silently on the DB side. As far as I can tell, no SQL call is being made for the activities that fail.

A few possibilities banging around in my head:

1) these activities are failing on databases that have been upgraded with php symfony tools:sql-upgrade from 2.6; maybe they wouldn't fail on fresh databases

2) we use the RAD archival description template instead of ISAD-G; and maybe ISAD-G descriptions are working OK

3) I just noticed for the first time today, this bit of the Linux install instructions, which requires that some dependencies be installed via Composer when installing from Git. I haven't done that yet -- BUT, the Composer dependencies all require PHP >7.3, and I'm still running 7.2.

I think I'll try upgrading PHP (probably to 7.4) in one of our environments, and see if there's a change. Does anybody have other thoughts about what could be happening?


Dan Gillean

May 27, 2021, 9:58:37 AM5/27/21
to ICA-AtoM Users
Hi Brandon, 

Please remember that qa/2.x is a development branch, so there are often unexpected bugs or regressions as different developers complete features - we try to do our best to limit these, as well as resolve as many issues as we can find prior to the public release. For this reason, we strongly recommend that community users do not install QA branches for use in production - and expect that there will be some problems during development cycles for test installations using the QA branch. 

That said, I actually noticed the issue with adding events myself late yesterday during testing - and additionally, that I could no longer create relationships between actor records - and this was using the ISAD templates for the description events. Not being able to add a general note is news to me - I'll be sure to test that as well. 

My plan this morning was to try to reproduce and ask another developer to confirm they can reproduce too, to ensure it's not something about my testing environment. However, your report suggests to me that this is in fact a regression we'll need to resolve. I am using PHP 7.4 in my test environment - I suspect you might run into some minor issues by trying to use 7.2, but in general we have tried to maintain backwards compatibility with 7.2 thus far, even though we will encourage everyone to upgrade PHP for the 2.7 public release. 

I'll file some bug tickets later today, so we can follow up on this. Thanks for the report! 

Dan Gillean, MAS, MLIS
AtoM Program Manager
Artefactual Systems, Inc.
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