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May 31, 2018, 2:23:34 AM5/31/18
to AtoM Users
Hi all

When we visit /index.php/rights-act we get a 404 error?

Is there some step of the installation we missed when it came to rights taxonomies?


Dan Gillean

May 31, 2018, 10:44:11 AM5/31/18
to ICA-AtoM Users
Hi Richard, 

That's interesting. Can you tell me the full version of your AtoM instance - you can see it either by navigating to Admin > Settings and looking at the top of the page, or by running the following task in the command line, from the root AtoM installation directory: 

The full AtoM version includes the release version, and then a database schema number. For the 2.4 release, this should be: 
  • 2.4.0 - 156
If you're using 2.4 but the number of your schema version is not 156, then it's possible that when you were installing or upgrading, you forgot to run the SQL upgrade task. 

Before doing anything further, make sure you make a backup of your data! See for example: 

You will want to restart services (PHP-FPM, job scheduler, memcached), clear the application cache, and repopulate your search index after doing this. See this part of the upgrade page, and keep reading down: 
I would also suggest that when you re-test, you use an incognito or private browser window, to make sure that you are not seeing a cached version of the page in your browser. 

If that's not the issue, or if it doesn't resolve the issue, then we'll need more details about your AtoM instance. Any further information you can share about your installation environment would help - details such as: 

  • Your full AtoM version number - see: Application version
  • Details on your installation environment, such as:
  • Any stack trace or web server error logs relevant to the issue - see: Error logs and Debug mode
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue - see: Figure out the nature of the problem
  • What is the default installation culture (i.e. the installation language) of your AtoM instance?
  • Information on any steps you have already tried to resolve the issues
  • Anything else you think will be useful - including screenshots if that will help other users better understand the issue
Hopefully with more information we'll be able to offer betters suggestions to help you resolve this issue! 


Dan Gillean, MAS, MLIS
AtoM Program Manager
Artefactual Systems, Inc.

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