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Carolyn Sullivan

Sep 28, 2021, 4:53:20 PM9/28/21
to AtoM Users

I'm trying to import a csv file containing archival descriptions for files in a series in a fonds.   When I try to import this information, I get the following job report:

[info] [2021-09-28 13:48:21] Job 207860 "arFileImportJob": Job started.
[info] [2021-09-28 13:48:21] Job 207860 "arFileImportJob": Importing CSV file: AToM3ressources.csv.
[info] [2021-09-28 13:48:21] Job 207860 "arFileImportJob": Indexing imported records.
[info] [2021-09-28 13:48:21] Job 207860 "arFileImportJob": Update type: delete-and-replace
[info] [2021-09-28 13:48:23] Job 207860 "arFileImportJob": php '/usr/share/nginx/atom-2.6.4/symfony' 'csv:import' --index  --update="delete-and-replace"   --quiet --user-id="207650" --source-name='AToM3ressources.csv'  '/usr/share/nginx/atom-2.6.4/uploads/tmp/TMP9a1af7da.csv';   Invalid language: en
[info] [2021-09-28 13:48:23] Job 207860 "arFileImportJob": Job finished.

Half of the files are not uploaded.  Has anyone seen this error before, or could someone please offer suggestions on how to upload these files?

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Monica Wood

Sep 28, 2021, 5:10:27 PM9/28/21
Hi Carolyn,

The errors says invalid language: en .

If you look at your CSV and the first record that it doesn't upload, make sure there isn't a hidden character in the language field there.


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Carolyn Sullivan

Sep 28, 2021, 8:46:17 PM9/28/21
to AtoM Users
Thanks, Monica!  Yes (embarassed look), it was that.  For language, in the csv, we had written 'en | fr' and it should have been just 'en|fr'.  All the files with regular old 'en' were uploading fine.  Oh well, lol, I guess we know for next time!  
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