Is there any compilation page of plugins and themes for AtoM?

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Iván Hernández Cazorla

Mar 6, 2020, 2:20:50 PM3/6/20
to AtoM Users
Dear AtoM Community,
I want to know if there are an official page in which there are compiled plugins and themes available for AtoM? I know there is Manage Plugins, in which there is a list of plugins, but I understand this ones are preinstalled. For themes I just found pages on the documentation about how to change it and how to create one, but nothing like a list or a directory of themes.

Does someone know if there is something similar to what I am asking?

Thanks in advance.


Dan Gillean

Mar 6, 2020, 3:32:14 PM3/6/20
to ICA-AtoM Users
Hi  Iván, 

A while ago I created a section on our wiki to try to capture this sort of information -  see the Community Resources section of our wiki. 

Specifically, we've added a section called Community development, where we try to document community-developed plugins when we know about them and the source code is available (ideally with some minimal documentation as well, so users understand what the plugin does, what version is was developed against, etc). See: 
However, I'm just one person! I don't know about all the plugins and themes out there that have been developed,  and I don't always have time to focus on this aspect of the project - there's a lot to maintain, in addition to the paid client work I perform as part of my role with Artefactual. The reason we've put this information on the wiki is so that other users can update it as well - add their own plugins, etc. Anyone can register for an account on the wiki! 

At some point I would LOVE to see us set up a public repository containing user-submitted themes, so they can be more easily found and shared. There is some maintenance overhead involved with this, and so it is not my decision alone to take on this task on behalf of Artefactual. However, it's something we have considered, and may try to do in the future. 

Of course, anyone else could set up such a repository, and use the forum to try to solicit contributions. If Artefactual ever agrees to take over the maintenance of it, we could simply clone the repository.

In the meantime: any users who would like to share their custom plugins with the community (whether theme or otherwise)

I would be happy to help get this information onto the wiki. If you would like me to add an entry on your behalf, please make sure that: 
  • The code is publicly available
  • You let us know what version of AtoM the plugin was developed against
  • You provide some basic information on what it does, or for themes, how it looks - screenshots are helpful!
  • You include an open license, so others can confirm it is free to modified and reused
Feel free to post in this thread, or contact me off-list! 


Dan Gillean, MAS, MLIS
AtoM Program Manager
Artefactual Systems, Inc.
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