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Richard Frank

Nov 17, 2022, 3:16:02 AM11/17/22
to AtoM Users
Hi everyone

The documentation is unclear, is there support for PHP 8.0 and above as the 7.4 is being deprecated in about a week?


Dan Gillean

Nov 17, 2022, 2:49:29 PM11/17/22
Hi Richard, 

Unfortunately, not yet. We have a team that has been hard at work on the 2.7 release, which includes a different major dependency upgrade - beginning the process of moving from Bootstrap 2.3.2 to Bootstrap 5.x. 

This has been a very large undertaking, the full breadth of which needs to be planned for across multiple major release to allow for a deprecation period (so we don't immediately break everyone's custom themes by just removing BS2.3.2 support in the next AtoM version), at a time when Artefactual is both very busy and undergoing some internal reorganization. To avoid delaying the long-overdue 2.7 release any further, additional major dependency upgrades will be put off until a future release. 

AtoM 2.7 will therefore support PHP 7.4 - and I would expect that some of the breaking changes in PHP8 will mean that this version will not run properly with PHP8. We will address this in a future release, but at present I can't offer a hard timeline on this. That said, we have a dedicated security officer role at Artefactual, and we will continue monitoring for any critical PHP vulnerabilities and preparing patches when relevant. 


Dan Gillean, MAS, MLIS
AtoM Program Manager
Artefactual Systems, Inc.
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Richard Frank

Nov 17, 2022, 11:01:52 PM11/17/22
Thanks for the comprehensive answer, this helps in our planning. 

Jim Adamson

Nov 18, 2022, 8:38:06 AM11/18/22
It's probably worth adding that if you've installed PHP from the Ubuntu repositories, per the AtoM installation instructions, it should continue to receive high-priority security fixes for the lifetime of the OS. And that can be even longer with Extended Security Maintenance (ESM).

So for AtoM 2.6 (PHP 7.2) on Ubuntu 18.04 ⟶ until April 2023 (without ESM)
And for AtoM 2.7 (PHP 7.4) on Ubuntu 20.04 ⟶ until April 2025 (without ESM)

Thanks, Jim

Jim Adamson
Systems Administrator/Developer
Facilities Management Systems
IT Services
LFA/023 | Harry Fairhurst building | University of York | Heslington | York | YO10 5DD

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