LetsEncrypt on Virtuozzo

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Nov 16, 2018, 7:36:29 AM11/16/18
to AtoM Users
Dear AtoM Users,

I'm hoping for help to secure my AtoM Server, which i had to install onto a Virtuozzo Virtual Machine (NginX only) and I have 2 major problems. The LetsEncrypt validation process is not able to complete because the provided AtoM NginX configuration is overruling all validation locations, and after nearly everything in AtoM is looped over the index.php and decided there, i can not extent the NGinX-Config without any further insight on how the index.php is routing the requests. Or may be I get something completely wrong ... does anybody has experience with LetsEncrypt validation for AtoM?

And the second problem is, that after activating require-admin-ssl not all links are using the domain name and instead are using the IP-Address, which does not have a SSL-Certificate and so AtoM isnt finding them or is crying about mixed content. I guess this has to do with the fact, that I have added my Base URL later on? Do I have to run an additional symphony tool?

Thanks in advance
Raphael Unterweger

David Hume

Nov 20, 2018, 1:54:36 PM11/20/18
to AtoM Users

Hi Raphael,

We have definitely successfully deployed AtoM sites using LetsEncrypt, should be able to do those aspects at the web server end (e.g. /etc/nginx/) and then the AtoM installation including index.php (assuming I'm right that's the index.php you mean)...

We use acmetool ourselves, is that how you're doing LE or are you using certbot, or other?


     David Hume, Artefactual Systems Administrator
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