IBus 1.5.29 RC1 is released

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Takao Fujiwara

Aug 22, 2023, 8:33:27 AM8/22/23
to ibus-...@googlegroups.com, ibus...@googlegroups.com
IBus 1.5.29 RC1 is released.

To setup Plasma Wayland:
1. Install Plasma Wayland desktop and Log into the desktop session.
2. Run konsole and type env and if you find QT_IM_MODULE=ibus or
GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus, you need to run im-chooser and select "No Input
Method" and make sure QT_IM_MODULE and GTK_IM_MODULE environment
variables are not set on konsole.
3. Run systemsettings5 and open "Input Devices" -> "Virtual Keyboard"
and select "IBus Wayland" and press "Apply" button.
4. Focus on the konsole input context and IBus panel icon will be shown.

You need `./configure --enable-appindicator --enable-wayland` option
to work on Plasma Wayland session.
Now Wayland is enabled by default. You can disable it with
`./configure --disable-wayland` option.

Now I changed the IBus release planning below.
The RC1 is an official release and it will be GA if there is no blocking issues.

Thank you very much for many contributors and advices.
- Implement Plasma Wayland c3667366 e379bafa 494448b7 6ed5e45c
3f3f0b6b b0f06aef b8ab8001 ed552e86 8923456a 42be2727 281c9aeb
7b83a1f0 29520357 0251f2cb 4a15f66a 2f40eea2
- Distinguish Arabic XKB and Keypad XKB options ad883dc6
- Update simple.xml with xkeyboard-config 2.39 155c5845
- Fix key typing issues 497f0c74 8f706d16 7237fcc6 38f09c65 7502abbe
- Fix Emoji and Unicode issues 7c8abbe8 310c442b
- Fix build issues 630f3f73 67a0f36d 4e644e8d cf3c5c00
- Fix setup dialog SEGV 4831ed59
- Fix remote desktop issue 25a2dfc1 580ea41b
- Enhance CI 431c72b2 3bbec69d cac49dc5 5ed9f138 7c61e224 f05c12da d47dc552

Code Contributors:
- Enhance man page builds (Emil Velikov) 1a25975d 03a486c1
- Fix typo in src/ibusservice.h (Gunnar Hjalmarsson) 98c6ee72
- Fix BSD build issues (Izumi Tsutsui) ce5e2bb4 9553dbf1
- Fix unaligned accesses in different endianness in compose table
(Matt Turner) b97e6669
- Enhance parallel builds (Matt Turner) be1f1d0d f25c48a1 692da976
- Enhance builds (Matt Turner) 76f2f4a3 d23bbdd4 f0492c86
- Fix cross compiling (oreo639) 18f0d9f5
- Update Emoji shortcut key in ibus-emoji(7) (Sibo Dong) a4007f7d
- use a shell exec in systemd service files for Ubuntu (Simon Deziel) a140924e
- Fix position of candidate popup window with GTK4 applications in
Xorg (Peng Wu) 86d9bb9a

Translation Contributors:
- po: Update translation (Danish) (Alan01) 01f9a27f
- po: Update translation (English (United Kingdom)) (Andi Chandler) fbbb76fd
- po: Update translation (Georgian) (Temuri Doghonadze) c2a15bc2 96a6850f
- po: Update translation (German) (Mike FABIAN) a474d6e2
- po: Update translation (Japanese) (fujiwarat) 35d7438b e9f59d64 e6c436f8
- po: Update translation (Korean) (김인수) 8d706762
- po: Update translation (Polish) (Piotr Drąg) 2d841c74
- po: Update translation (Swedish) (Luna Jernberg) 6b62480a
- po: Update translation (Ukrainian) (Yuri Chornoivan) fc597046
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