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Jan 10, 2022, 5:11:45 AM1/10/22
to 'Oliver Roberts' via IBrowse Users
Hello, I see javascript error requesters even when having js turned off, off in general settings, settings menu quick access item set to std, and with no site entries in the url settings. So far seen on search input text fields, where js suposedly is used to clear the input field at onclick.

IB generally seems to open the javascript.library on sites containing js, even with the settings off as described above. If I remove the javascript.library so that it is not accessible for IB to load, IB complains on sites containing js, the js settings still being off, and later crashes the system, throwing muforce hits and the good old Software error requester, Suspend or Reboot, in the above mentioned onclick scenario.

Is there a way to be sure that the js functionality is really disabled? Have I overlooked something? It seems that simply deleting the library is not a usable solution for now with IB 2.5.5


Oliver Roberts

Jan 10, 2022, 2:44:40 PM1/10/22
to ibrows...@googlegroups.com
In theory, deleting the library or disabling it in the settings should have
the effect of disabling JS. The preferred approach is to leave the library
installed and disable in the settings if you do not wish to use it.

Certainly, deleting the library shouldn't cause crashes - IBrowse will only
show a requester about not being able to open it the first time in a session.
I've now fixed an issue where JS could be executed when the library was not
open, which is probably the MuForce hits that you saw - this largely involved
the onFocus, onBlur, onChangeText and onChangeTextarea handlers.

With the library available and JS disabled in the settings, on the most part,
everywhere JS is executed, it first checks if it is enabled or not. However,
to support JS being switched off/on on the fly, IBrowse will do
initialisation of JS stuff when the page is parsed (this involves opening
the library), but that doesn't mean it actually executes any JavaScript. If
you are seeing any JS errors pop up (with the library installed and JS
disabled), please forward example URLs.

Oliver Roberts / @Futaura / www.futaura.co.uk


Jan 10, 2022, 6:01:11 PM1/10/22
to 'Oliver Roberts' via IBrowse Users
I have sent example links to your futaura email address. Perhaps
you can decide if they are safe to include on the ml here, if needed
for further testing by other ib users.



Oliver Roberts

Jan 11, 2022, 2:32:50 PM1/11/22
to ibrows...@googlegroups.com
Thanks for the links. So, yes, it was the onFocus event handler in
those cases, which was still being run with JavaScript disabled. I've
fixed this now and another related issue. Full details at

I don't believe that are any other cases to catch, having trawled
through the relevant source code. With 2.5.6, switching off JS will
ensure everything is disabled, likewise with the library missing (and
then it won't crash either).


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