Re: ibrowse 2.55 crashes my A4000 right at startup

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Jan 4, 2022, 4:05:15 PM1/4/22
Happy New Year to all! Still having this issue on my A4000..since last post I updated to OS3.2.1 and IBrowse v2.55 and installed MMULib by ThoR and now running SnoopDOS my system doesn’t automatically reset like before and was able to see the last line before the system hang and it was:

NewLoad codecs/png.codec

Any ideas?

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Hi guys, had this issue before with MUI 4.0 on my A4000 with CS-MKIII, X-Surf100, MNT VA2000/CX so installed MUI3.9 same issue then MUI3.8, new OS3.2 roms, latest NList, AmiSSL, WarpDT datatypes...did notice that colours on web page was off for images before it guru's before system resets but ran SnoopDOS it picks up the following FAILED items before system crashes:

-GetVar MagicWB
-ToolType HEIGHT
-ToolType SPEED

The latest 68k Netsurf works fine although it has off colours and all images.

Any ideas ?

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