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Eddy Quicksall

Apr 14, 2019, 4:43:19 PM4/14/19

I read this in the page:


“We also know of an organization that is still running its business using IBM 1130 Fortran on a non-IBM timesharing operating system running on an IBM 1800 emulator. We hope to get more information about this too.”


This could be referring to my 1830 emulator. The GA1830 emulator has been in commercial use since 1995. That customer was running 3 GA1830’s since the mid 70’s supporting several customers via the timesharing system we wrote for the IBM1130 (with backplane enhancements), Meta-4, GA1830 and CHI2130. In ’95 I wrote an emulator for the GA1830 so they could get rid of those electricity hogs (caused so much heat that they had to run the air conditioners in the winter). The timesharing system is TSO/CYTOS. TSO was written by us at DNA systems and CYTOS was written by Tim Mellon (Tim also supported a standard 1130). TSO supports up to 32 terminals each running a virtual 1130. The 1830 is a cross between the 1130 and 1800 with some enhancements to support 64K extra memory which supports the TSO executive.


It is available here (which is configured for 4 terminals and one console): If you want to run this on Windows 10 then load up XP with Vmware and run it from a DOS prompt (configure the DOS window with XMS and EMS).



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