Node Agent displays inactive in console

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Dec 27, 2012, 7:54:03 AM12/27/12
Hi All,

I am trying to start a node which used to work fine. But now, when I try to start the server it says the node is inactive even after I start the node. I have rebooted, stopped/restarted the node multiple times, but the WAS console still displays as not active. Thus, I am unable to start the server and deploy my apps.

My log file shows:
[12/26/12 13:34:00:665 CST] 00000002 Win32ProcessI < ping() : Done with existance check Exit
[12/26/12 13:34:00:665 CST] 00000002 Win32ProcessI > waitForTermination() : Requesting to wait for process termination Entry
[12/26/12 13:34:00:665 CST] 00000002 Win32ProcessI > checkNativeHandle() : Checking validity of nativeHandle. Entry
[12/26/12 13:34:00:665 CST] 00000002 Win32ProcessI < checkNativeHandle() : Done checking validity of nativeHandle. Appears valid. Exit
[12/26/12 13:34:26:328 CST] 00000000 AdminTool A ADMU3000I: Server nodeagent open for e-business; process id is 5376
[12/26/12 13:34:26:328 CST] 00000000 AdminTool 3 Returning from auxiliary method runTool with return: 0

But the WAS console still says that the node is not active:
"Server cannot be started because the node agent for server Directory on node RDSY-L-PBPTMM5Node01 is not active."

Your assistance is sincerely appreciated.


May 6, 2013, 8:03:40 PM5/6/13
I have the same issue on a WAS 7.0 node federated to an 8.5 DMGR. I see this is an old post with no replies. Did you find a solution and do you remember what you did to fix it? Thanks!

Oct 11, 2018, 12:02:39 AM10/11/18
Check your DNS service in the DMGR.


Jhon Osorio

Nov 12, 2020, 4:43:37 PM11/12/20

You can solve the problem by syncing the node manually with the command or syncNode.bat
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