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Download Electric Guitar By Chris Brown [WORK]

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Guy Clena

Jan 25, 2024, 3:17:10 PMJan 25
The song "Electric Guitar (Solo Version)" by Chris Brown explores the theme of longing and nostalgia for a past relationship. The electric guitar serves as a symbol of the connection between the narrator and their former lover.

In the verses, the narrator describes how the sound of the electric guitar played by their ex-partner evokes strong emotions and memories. The melody takes control of the narrator and reminds them of the things they used to be together. The guitar becomes a vehicle through which the narrator experiences a flood of emotions, making it difficult for them to breathe.

download electric guitar by chris brown


The chorus highlights the power of the electric guitar in the narrator's life. It represents a connection to their ex-lover, with the speaker trying to reach them and hoping to recapture what they once had. The line "You're ripping it up on them chords, playing my heart" suggests that the music played on the guitar has a profound impact on the narrator's emotions. The electric guitar becomes a metaphor for the intensity of their emotions and the pain caused by the separation.

The guitar solo represents an instrumental expression of the narrator's emotions, where words can no longer convey their feelings. It serves as another opportunity for the electric guitar to take center stage, communicating the intensity of the narrator's emotions.

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FAN (Freak at Night)

Unlike "Scared to Love You," which also employs electric guitar riffs for the base sample to mega-corny results, "FAN (Freak at Night)" is an absolute home-run. These types of samples are bound to divide listeners, but you'll know right away which side you fall on. On one hand, you might immediately begin head-banging to the hard rock guitar riff that rockets "Scared to Love You" and "Freak at Night" into life. On the other hand, you might find yourself irritated by the punk choice. Only on "FAN" will your endurance through the debatably-cheesy guitar be rewarded, with its dub-y drop successfully melting faces. There's not one song on this tape that sounds remotely like this. Give it a listen-to, because it's either your favorite or least favorite song on Before the Party.

Very striking tracks in the album, "I'll Go" is a rich ballad that artistically blends piano with violins and electric guitar. "There's a star into the hand of my hand/ and I also think it's yours/ unless you want it I quickly'll understand/ You deserve alot more, " laments Brown.


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