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Apr 12, 2021, 7:16:02 AMApr 12
to ibexexperiments

Hi all,
this is my first time with IbexFarm, and I need to create an experiment with picture stimuli and a bar as a controller. I have seen that you uploaded the Ibex-FastScale that looks great for my experiment. However, when I tried to upload the experiment the page doesn't work.
There is something that I miss, and I am sorry for asking this but, can you help me understanding how to create the items? Where do I have to store the images that are the stimuli? And how can they appear in the experiment?

Thank you for your help!


Alexandre Cremers

Apr 12, 2021, 7:29:23 AMApr 12

You need independent web hosting for your images (lab website, personal website, Amazon S3, imgur...), then you can link to them in the html part of the controller with the usual <img> tag (see the Ibex manual for more information on the different ways to pass html to a controller).

It's hard to know why your experiment page doesn't work without more information. In Firefox you can use the console (Tools > Web developer > Web developer tool) to get more informative error messages. Most of the time it's a syntax error in your data file. If you can't find the reason, feel free to share a link to your experiment and the data file.


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