Old version of an experiment imported in the new platform?

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Nicoletta Biondo

Jul 2, 2021, 10:46:54 AM7/2/21
to ibexexperiments

I have just logged in to see whether I have new results in one of my experiments and I have noticed something weird: there is only one set of results dated December 20, 2020.
However, I checked the same experiment 4 days ago and I was able to download all the results dated February 1st 2021 - May 19 2021 (that is, all the data after I piloted my experiment, on January 16 2021). It should be noted that I was still accessing the old version of the platform (I am sure because of the structure of the platform, i.e., no results at the top but in the results section at the bottom).

It seems to me that the version of the experiment I can access right now is an old version of my experiment, because the data_includes file is also an older version of my experimental routine.

I have tried to use the old link to perform the experiment https://spellout.net/ibexexps/nbiondo/SenPiCho/experiment.html and I was still able to send the results to the server. However, I cannot see that results, as if they were "sent" somewhere else. 
Conversely, if I use the new link to perform the experiment https://ibex.spellout.net/experiments/nbiondo/SenPiCho/view
I can see the new results.

Question: is it possible that during the platform update an older version of my experiment was actually transferred?
If so, is it possible to retrieve the last version of my experiment?

Thanks a lot,

Alex Drummond

Jul 2, 2021, 10:48:55 AM7/2/21
to ibexexperiments
Hello Nicoletta,

The new and old Ibex Farm are completely separate sites. Changes to an
experiment on one site will not be reflected on the other site.
Experiments from the old Ibex Farm were imported over to the new Ibex
Farm on 18:35 UTC Dec 31 2020.

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Nicoletta Biondo

Jul 2, 2021, 10:55:42 AM7/2/21
to ibexexperiments
Hi Alex,

thanks a lot for the super fast response!
Apologies, I thought the the old platform was substituted by the new one. 
I can see now that I can access both.

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