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Nicole Dodd

Apr 24, 2021, 5:07:20 PMApr 24
to ibexexperiments
Hi everyone,

I'm processing my Ibex output and I've noticed that the RT for the last word of every sentence is missing. It should be noted that I'm using the RTL DashedSentence controller as I'm running my experiment in Arabic. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Is this data gone forever?


Alex Drummond

Apr 24, 2021, 5:13:23 PMApr 24
to ibexexperiments
It sounds like either

(i) RTLDashedSentences derives from a very old version of
DashedSentence before the last word bug was fixed (in Jul 2010):


(ii) Participants are using iphones and pressing the on-screen 'next'
button, which failed to record the time for the last word until Feb

I'm not sure what exactly you're referring to with the 'RTL
DashedSentence' controller as it's not one of the standard
controllers. If you post the code for it then we can see what's going

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Alex Drummond

Apr 24, 2021, 5:16:03 PMApr 24
to ibexexperiments
Ah, I remember now that I sent you some old code for doing SPR with
RTL languages :D Yeah, that code is probably old enough to still
contain the bug. You should be able to apply the changes shown in the
first link to fix it.
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Nicole Dodd

Apr 24, 2021, 6:50:48 PMApr 24
to ibexexperiments
Hi Alex,

Thanks for the heads up! I incorporated those changes into the RLDashedSentence controller and it seems to be working now. I'll email you the updated controller directly so that you have it for reference. 


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