IATI Standard version 1.03 Development Schema and Codelists available for testing

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David C

Jul 10, 2013, 11:56:04 AM7/10/13
to iati-anno...@googlegroups.com

We are pleased to announce that both the codelists and the schema for the proposed version 1.03 upgrade to the IATI Standard are now available for testing.

The 1.03 upgrade process has fallen behind the published schedule and we would like to apologise for this. 

We understand that a clear timetable allows people to engage in the upgrade process, enabling them to plan time for testing, scrutiny, and experimentation with their applications and processes. If we don't stick to our timetable, we make life difficult for you. 

Again, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience. 

Also, missing from the final version is much of the location/geocoding work. This proved too much to squeeze into this release but is planned for 1.04

A new timetable is in place for finalising the 1.03 version, which can be found at:

We have extended the period of community testing to 4 weeks (ending on 9th August 2013), and would appreciate as many eyes on the schema and the codelists as possible.
If all goes to plan, our intention is that 1.03 will be available for use from 6th September 2013. This is a period of 'bug fixing' - making sure the 1.03 schema does the job we all intend it to do. If you can test, we would really appreciate that.

Please leave comments, bug reports, questions in our forums at:
(please ignore the spam in the forum! This is an issue with the forum provider, ZenDesk, that is beyond our control).

OR if you prefer

The 1.03 schemas are also on GitHub (Be sure to look under the 1.03dev tree):

Our documentation is currently being worked on in time for the 1.03 release and can be found at:

The codelists are available at:

See http://dev.iatistandard.org/codelists/code-list-api/ for instructions about how to machine read them.

PLEASE NOTE: The codelist 'api' is changing subdomain from datadev.aidinfolabs.org to data.aidinfolabs.org. You should amend your applications to pull codelists from the new subdomain WHEN you move to using the 1.03 version of the standard.

What's new in 1.03?
We have a number of (imperfect) documents about what is new and what has changed in 1.03:

The suggestions from the forum (http://support.iatistandard.org/forums/21675117-1-03-Decimal-Upgrade) have been turned into the following two working documents to apply changes:

A spreadsheet:

and the wiki,

This page on github may be useful for people to see the changes in the schema:

and there is also the CHANGES.txt log packaged in with the schemas.

Anyone interested in testing the changes can look at the very useful test suite which is also part of the schema package.

Remember, we are always open to suggestions about how to improve the IATI Standard. If you have something to suggest, the place to put it is here:

Happy testing.

All the best, 

The IATI Technical Support Team

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