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Nov 22, 2012, 10:30:29 AM11/22/12
Dear all

Please see the below message in relation to the next stage of implementing
1.02 changes to the Standard. This is the start of a two week period for
community testing and feedback.

Please do get in touch with any comments.


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Subject: [IATI Tech] Verision 1.02 ready for testing

We are pleased to announce the availability of all the updated resources in
line with the proposed 1.02 version of the IATI Standard.
There is now a two week period for feedback. After that we have allowed a 2
week period for bug fixes, and changes are due to go live on 17th December.

We are also planning for version 1.03, so if you have ideas for that please
add them to the knowledge base:

Full details of the changes that are being implemented in version 1.02 can
be found at:

Each change has a link to a demo version of the altered resource (codelist
or schema document)

In addition, there are some conventions and polices to inform you about for
the final deployment of version 1.02

It is our intention that the CURRENT schema will always be found at:<schema file>

will return the most up to date version of the activity schema

Previous (or Future) version(s) will be found in a subdirectory:<previous version>/<schema file>

will return version 1.01 of the activity schema

When the changes go live on December 17th this is how the schema versions
will be structured.

In the meantime we have set up at dev.iatistandard for you to test.
- returns 1.01
- returns 1.02 - returns
current (ie.1.01)

The schema is held in version control on GitHub. This is also a convenient
place to browse the files.

The current version will be in the master branch, with old, future and
development versions held in their own branches.

To clone the schema to your machine:

to add the version1.02 branch to your repository:
git checkout -b <you-local-branch-name here> origin/version1.02

e.g. git checkout -b my_copy_of_version1.02 origin/version1.02

When the changes go live we will merge the version1.02 branch into the
master branch.

It will be even more important to get the header information in your IATI
files correct: e.g <iati-activities version="1.01"
and consumers of data will also need to know this.

We are updating the documentation in line with the changes. We are also
taking the opportunity to fix some issues with the website.

You can see our work at:

It is our intention that CURRENT documentation will always be found at

Development work will be found at

Previous version of documentation will be archived under a subdirectory.

This way we hope that if you have a data file that declares a version, you
will be able to trace that documentation that applies to that version. It is
also clear that data using the 1.01 format may still be with us for a while.

Public Validator
The IATI Public Validator is ready for the upgrade (we hope), and can be
used if you need it for your tests of any data files you want to change.

There is a test version up at:
where you can select which version of the standard you are testing against.

Code is here:
under the switch_schema branch.

Bug reports, feature requests etc can be left on GitHub

All other issues can come to me, or at your discretion directly to the

The story is that, hopefully this is pretty much there, this is what we will
be using into the future, so hopefully we can all get it right together.

Good luck
All the best
David Carpenter

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