using CAPs & INDUCTORs to clean up a harsh square wave CW KEYER's sidetone audio output for PC soundcard input(MIC or LINE INPUT) - then to MUMBLE INPUT

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Chuck Vaughn

Feb 18, 2021, 9:22:39 AMFeb 18
to iCW - internet CW
new video demo here:

using the calculator here: PATHWAY CW Keyer sidetone audio output goes to a 36 to 1 step down ferrite toroid transformer(30 turns primary, 5 turns 2ndary) The input of this transformer is both parallel & series resonated to peak signal at 700 hz. The 2ndary output of the transformer goes to a 1.8mH ferrite bobbin core high Q inductor, which is parallel resonated to 700hz by @29uF capacitor...then the two ends of the FERRITE BOBBIN CORE INDUCTOR connect directly to the GROUND/hot lead of the MIC JACK input of the sound card - which can be used to send a pleasant sounding sidetone to any VOIP app's input ie Mumble CLient for QSO'n CW on the iCW Mumble server
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