Ed, w3nqn, is giving a special price offer to anyone interested in building the iCW-modified w3nqn passive cw audio filter

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Chuck Vaughn

Mar 9, 2011, 1:11:04 PM3/9/11
to i_...@googlegroups.com, Faye & Ed
In a recent email, Ed , w3nqn made a special price offer to anyone who wants the parts to build
the [ iCW - w3nqn modifed - cw audio filter ]  - as per the iCW article:

Below is a quote from his email regarding the price: 
($ 23 postpaid - ask for the " iCW PACKAGE for the modified iCW passive cw audio filter ")

"If anyone wants the basic components for your filter, less one of the two transformers I usually provide, the cost is $23 postpaid.   The shipment will include one 5-inductor stack with a plastic mounting clip,  two separate unmodified inductors, one 8/200-ohm transformer and five capacitors matched for the desired center frequency, usually 700 Hz."
73,  Ed"

and here is another quote from Ed in a follow up email :
" Thanks for passing my information of providing a package of components for those wishing to assemble a 700-Hz CW filter, less one of the transformers for $23 postpaid.  I would like to receive ASAP at least two or three orders for this kit of parts for the purpose of having several hams assembling this bandpass design according to your instructions, so we may get their report on whether or not this design is worthy of duplication by others.   These inductors are limited in the numbers remaining, so it is important that those wanting to assemble and use this design act as soon as possible to obtain the necessary parts before there are all gone.  Your assistance in achieving this result is appreciated.
73,  Ed "

To order this filter go to the w3nqn website here:

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