Geolocation not working after iOS 10.0.2?

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Oct 20, 2016, 6:33:01 AM10/20/16
to iPhoneWebDev
It seems apple have made it hard for everybody who wants to position yourself in a map, using a regular web app. HTML5 geolocation api.

it seems one have to use a HTTPS / SSE   (same with Chrome latest edition?)

Think its major drag and a wast of many peoples time. 

or am I wrong?

Remi Grumeau

Oct 20, 2016, 6:49:56 AM10/20/16
You're right, Apple has follow Google Chrome path in its "HTTPS for all" quest.

Thing is, geolocation is a user personal data, so it is not something totally unfair or stupid move they did here. Note that LetsEncrypt offers free ssl certificates you can jnstall very easily on your server tru NPM, and shared hosting companies like OVH did install this free certificate for all its customers websites for free.

Also, we (as developers) have been warned about this for at least a year now, and still can use this API while developing since this limitation does not occur on "localhost" domain name.

A real PAI if you're not already on a https hosting service or do not maintain it, but all in all it's not such a bad thing for the user...

My 0,02€,

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Oct 20, 2016, 7:54:24 AM10/20/16
to iPhoneWebDev
You are right too, I´m afraid the hosting is out of my hands, I only get a space on a ftp to upload html contents, and develope only a small small portion of my time. Once things are working (code wise) I do not mess with the code or setup for years. Only update the contents/maps and things work fine. 
But all of a sudden things do not work becauce, yes, you know...some smartass did this or that. 
I think there must be many like me, maby not pure developers but "semi-developers" that work with other things most of their time. Also, before, one still had to give permission for the geolocation to work, enable this and that on the phones activly. 
And or many websites and webapps that need to be recoded or set up on a HTTPS to function.

I know I need to keep track what is happening/news in the field, but usally I think of improvments, new possibilities to coding, like when HTML 5 was introduced... not this, this just makes me frustrated and makes me loose all the joy in it.


Remi Grumeau

May 13, 2017, 2:10:55 AM5/13/17
to iPhoneWebDev
It is a drag, but it definitely isn't a waste of time. HTTPS is for good,and anything related to user's datas should be encrypted. LetsEncrypt provides free SSL certificates, and shared hosting plans are now setting them up for free on your domain (at least OVH does).

I do have a webapp service that does exactly what you talk about, and once HTTPS is on, geolocation works like a charm.


Rune Back

May 13, 2017, 2:16:41 AM5/13/17
Wow! Great News!!

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