I require someone to cut some CNC holes for me

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Ron Gardner

Oct 18, 2021, 3:29:48 PM10/18/21
to i3 Detroit Public
I asked a dozen or so CNC shops to cut this for me, none wanted to mess with a small order/job. 

I have a pair of shelf brackets that I got on Amazon, made of iron, or steel, or whatever...
I will supply a DXF that can be used to make tool paths for the holes and some weight saving cuts. Each bracket will have a different pattern cut into it, I only need 1 of each. This bracket will be repurposed into a clamp to hold a canopy closed. I have no idea if it will work, but so far it seems like it will, as long as these tiny screws I am using are not too small.

The canopy is for my Recumbent Trike, and will serve as a place to mount solar panels to turn it into a Solar Bike, that I intend to use in The Sun Trip America 2022 event. This is a 5000 mile solar bike trip from San Francisco to Boston. Although I am not really ready to do it, as I am far from in shape, and have very little camping/bike packing experience.

While I have taken many CNC classes and have the certificates at Macomb, I am far from being able to run the CNC there, since I forgot most of it, and never actually made a part, since it was all lecture. So I would rather just pay someone a few bucks to do this... then try to relearn the cnc machine.

I might be able to drill the holes in it, but I need them to be more accurate than that.

I am not a i3D member, but I have been to i3D a few times, I once setup a slotcar track there many Halloween parties ago, and that "kitchen table" if it is still there, was mine.
Is it still there? lol

If you can do this, please reply to my email that can be found on my website:

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