Is there an easy way to unregister a plugin from HystrixPlugins?

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Matt Brown

Jul 25, 2013, 4:26:52 PM7/25/13
I have a unit test which relies on some code that needs for a custom properties strategy to be registered with HystrixPlugins.getInstance().registerPropertiesStrategy().

However, if I have a second unit test which also needs to register the properties strategy with the HystrixPlugins instance, then it fails because the field can only be set in the HystrixPlugins singleton once:

    public void registerPropertiesStrategy(HystrixPropertiesStrategy impl) {
        if (!propertiesFactory.compareAndSet(null, impl)) {
            throw new IllegalStateException("Another strategy was already registered.");

Is there a way I am missing to reset the plugin's references? 

Ben Christensen

Jul 25, 2013, 4:41:04 PM7/25/13
to Matt Brown,
You can reset the state of Hystrix using Hystrix.reset() which is intended for testing and clean shutdown. 

Ben Christensen
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Aug 13, 2013, 4:17:29 PM8/13/13
to, Matt Brown
Actually, correction, Hystrix.reset() does not unregister plugins.

Andrew Blick

Apr 11, 2014, 6:02:05 PM4/11/14
to, Matt Brown
I'm also stuck on a similar problem. I registered a ConcurrencyStrategy in a unity test, and need a way to clear it so that when integration tests run, it has a clean state. I'm currently getting "Another strategy was already registered". I tried using Hystrix.reset() and also found that it does not reset the plugins. I then tried copying the code in HystrixPlugins.UnitTest.reset() (I'm working in Groovy, so I can access the private class and fields), but that didn't work either.

Andrew Blick

Apr 11, 2014, 6:54:14 PM4/11/14
to, Matt Brown
Turns our the HystrixPlugins.UnitTest.reset() method just misses one of the plugins. The following seems to fully reset Hystrix state:


In Java, I imagine that something similar can be achieved via the reflection API.


Aug 14, 2018, 9:36:31 AM8/14/18
to HystrixOSS
however, i think the key about the registered strategy is probably HystrixConcurrencyStrategyDefault.class. In HystrixPlugins.class, when we want to get one strategy.
* Retrieve instance of {@link HystrixConcurrencyStrategy} to use based on order of precedence as defined in {@link HystrixPlugins} class header.
* <p>
* Override default by using {@link #registerConcurrencyStrategy(HystrixConcurrencyStrategy)} or setting property (via Archaius): <code>hystrix.plugin.HystrixConcurrencyStrategy.implementation</code> with the
* full classname to load.
* @return {@link HystrixConcurrencyStrategy} implementation to use
public HystrixConcurrencyStrategy getConcurrencyStrategy() {
if (concurrencyStrategy.get() == null) {
// check for an implementation from Archaius first
Object impl = getPluginImplementation(HystrixConcurrencyStrategy.class);
if (impl == null) {
// nothing set via Archaius so initialize with default
concurrencyStrategy.compareAndSet(null, HystrixConcurrencyStrategyDefault.getInstance());
// we don't return from here but call get() again in case of thread-race so the winner will always get returned
} else {
// we received an implementation from Archaius so use it
concurrencyStrategy.compareAndSet(null, (HystrixConcurrencyStrategy) impl);
return concurrencyStrategy.get();
It will get you a HystrixConcurrencyStrategyDefault.

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