annotations appearing on two separate Google Drive PDFS (LMS)

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Aaron Cowan

Aug 27, 2021, 5:08:07 PM8/27/21
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Hi - in an effort to split my class into reading groups using Hypothesis in the LMS (D2L), I used the following process:
  1. Load PDFs into Google Drive folder (call it "Folder A")

  2. Make a copy of all PDFs, move the copies into a second Google Drive folder (Folder B)

  3. Create Hypothesis assignment for Group 1, select PDFs from Folder A

  4. Create separate but identical Hypothesis activity for Group 2, select PDFs from Folder B (copies of what's in Folder A - but presumably a separate file)
Unfortunately, this did not work.  Annotations on documents for Group 1 are also  are  showing up on those for Group 2, rendering all this work moot..  What did I do wrong?

Aug 27, 2021, 6:51:20 PM8/27/21
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Hi Aaron,

Each PDF has a digital fingerprint, and Hypothesis uses that fingerprint to identify the document. If you copied the PDF without re-fingerprinting it Hypothesis will see both copies as being the same document. 

I recommend reading this help article: It contains a link to a refingerprinting utility and lays out the steps for using fingerprints to create groups in Hypothesis.

You might also explore using tags to create reading groups as well:


Aaron Cowan

Aug 31, 2021, 9:41:07 AM8/31/21
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I see - thanks.  Would love to see groups as a built-in feature on the LMS version!
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