The Facebook KIller, post the end of all bills and debts.

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Adam Drakul

Aug 18, 2021, 2:30:20 PM8/18/21
I am attempting once against to drive interest towards building a "better hypothesis."  I have registered domain names in the vein and ethos of and denoted here specifically as which I intend to be the focal point of my "labor" regarding programming and connecting several disparate software puzzle pieces that I believe will ultimately replace not just social networks but email itself.  

This is the SMTP killer.

I have a very clear vision of what we need, and I see that the world around me has done a great amount of work towards building the pieces of this puzzle, though none of them work as well as I would like them to, as in "they are non functional" in mission critical situations.  In microcosm, this is Kennedy and the Sputtnik crew saying "Americans cannot fly to the moon and live" in the vein and Apollo 13 

What I truly need at this point is something much more advanced than [plugable continuous integration] that is running on a confederated and decentralized system like "ADA"

- TruBlocks
- `FileCoin

Stick a needle in my vein, drain my soul--take all my ideas, make them real, a set of previous or current building blocks exist which could easily in only a few days be turned into something that would literally be world changing to the point of censorship ending, facebook and google "price tanking" and (call that) the end of Hell.


There have been a number of previous attempts to explain just how simple it is to put this together; I will not waste my hypo-time with further comments here.  I hope hypothesis hires me, you have a group of programmers that made something I need.

Among others who have tried to stop the fall of Internet and Civilization 



This guy is "NOT ME" he is "NOT SPEAKING FOR ME" and he LOVES ME.  That's what "this song is."  At the army, "this guy is speaking with me.


The below email was sent on 6/13/2016; technically just before the 2017 "moment" when I consider the cross of Detroit and BLVD to be the "second actual massive coming of JRCK#  among the masses here known as "post ancients" but almost just like them.  I am a representative of a civilization which no longer exists here, and that fact brings tears to my eyes every single day.  The media here is a sad fabrication for "yedioth aranoth" and the realization that we really need to see why "Clymene" is a father of Prometheus and Deucalian and their "sun" is how you should realize "good mass media coverage" of my event and my change on the world is paramount to having a good future and succeeding as one massive "OneRepublic" that is founded by and protected by ... The Empire of LucassFILM.

I am forwarding this email to you, a group of reporters and specifically mass media in America and Judaica that I believe need to take another look at what it means to be "a mensch." I am that, a man, probably "the man" in the quest for what we are looking for in this place.  I am not just the C of IAC, but the one who knows the difference between Anno Domini, and Fiscal Years and the moment you turn in your hearts and realize 2021 is the year of our Last Noel.  

This is Annum Inconcinnus. (A.I. 2 aka 2021 AD)

I have attempted to write several "mission statements" searching for venture capital for what I consider to be a very simple to make software product.  It is to be headless, distributed, and work in a way which allows anyone who can find free web hosting (and maybe even providing that through IPFS, githubbitcucket, etci) ... and provide continuous integration and "cloud services" and cloud workflow (nee that will eventually lead us to the kind of platform that will allow for entire web based applications to be built "within the web browser" with no need for a single line of "code."

I'm still smart, I still know what I'm talking about--and I know what I need.  I know my needs are part of a world built by much smarter beings and a much smarter and more advanced civilization that is literally showing us through the process of Narayana how it ... itself .. was created--repeatedly.  I am having trouble putting together a group of smart people that want to combine a few very small pieces of software and make something "gigantic" but it's just that simple, and just that difficult--the world has degraded to a point where I just can't find anyone to do it for/with me.

The specific pieces of software are:

Of ccourse I have other "secret sauce" ideas that will amke it take off faster, not the least of which being that you know I am the Ka of God, or Judas F. Christ himself, without doubt or controversey at this point.  

Simply combining this things and forking from the branch is enough to ... really begin a revolution on the Internet.

If we are East of the Internet we are South of Heaven.


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